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Custom Home Renovation LLC.


Home Improvements Portland is the creation of Custom Home Renovation LLC. For over twenty years of hard work and fine craftsmanship. We are a small dedicated team of builders and hard working professionals that have learned and honed our custom home building and remodeling skills to a fine point. In the beautiful Pacific Northwest community of Portland Oregon we take pride in offering great work for small projects and large ones as well. We always save our clients money by staying on budget and over delivering on quality.

General Repairs

From Simple to difficult. We perform work both in residential and commercial that please and astound our customers.

Tile & Stone

We produce the finest in Tile and/or Stone work for interiors and for exteriors both residential and commercial environments.

Doors & Windows

The doors and windows are said to be the eyes and ears of a home or business office. We make sure to deliver the views and the entrances to your build the way you dreamed it.

Mold & Water Damaage

Mold and water damage is not only a painful loss it is something that can kill if not fixed correctly. We offer the best in remediation services in Portland.

Wall & Floor

Custom wall construction and floors are the backbone to any build and we can make your designs come to life!

Home Maintenance

Custom work is wonderful but most often it is the regular daily breaks that matter most.


It is not always required to rebuild an entire environment where resurfacing can achive the same results or better for a lower cost. We offer resurfacing for the right price for the right projects, ask us.


Wether it is for marble kitchen counter tops or custom bath surfaces, we offer resealing services to protect your investments for a lifetime.


Plumbing is a fact of life for every family and individual. When your kitchen, bath, or outdoor plumbing issues occur , we are able to pinpoint the problem and get a fast solution for the right pice for your budget.


No matter what the situation is there are times when you might need maintenance cleaning services and we offer the finest at the lowest prices.

Home Improvement

Your largest investment is your home and it is most often less costly to imrove your home than buy a new home.

Room Remodels

We are experts at designing and building custom kitchens, master bedrooms, game rooms, and home theatres.

Custom Home Builds

If you are looking to find a home with every single “oneof a kind” option that you want then this is when you need a builder that knows how to build your custom one of kind home correctly.


Custom flooring can warm a home and increase it’s value quickly and cost effectively. We are experienced in reflooring with materials from the orient to European styles.


Electricity can cook a persons dinner, it can also cook a person. Electrical work is dangerous and you need to have the best professionals only doing the work in order to ensure a beautiful look but one that is safe for you and your family. We only work with the finest licensed and bonded electricians as part of our team.


“I gave the team here a job I was not sure anyone could do correctly, they did the job ahead of schedule and on budget!”

John Williams

“My custom kitchen was a dream come true and the guys were faster than i expected and I never had any issues i was warned about by my friends that had worked with other contractors.”

Jane Betrize

“My offices that they came in and repaired were perfect and finished ahead of my deadline..”

David White

We are Available 24/7!

We take every project and customer serious and treat them like our family. Let us show you how we can always over deliver on our promise of quality work in Portland.

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